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Christ Lutheran Vail
An Early Care and Education Ministry of
Christ Lutheran Vail

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of Creation School is to engage in authentic relationships and authentic experiences in the academic, spiritual, emotional, social and physical lives of its students, their families, the community and the world.

Our Philosophy:

* Each child learns thru exploration.

* Each child makes sense of the world thru intellectual discovery.

* Each child of God is viewed as an unique individual, possessing special gifts & talents

with different abilities & interests.

Our Curriculum:

* Guides children to develop good social/emotional skills.

* Guides children to show respect for others.

* Guides children to acquire a sense of responsibility.

* Guides children to develop problem solving skills.

* Guides children to gain deeper knowledge & understanding of the world thru experiences 

In both indoor & outdoor environments.


Our Environments:

* Both indoor & outdoor classrooms are filled with developmentally appropriate activities.

* Classrooms are equipped with creative choices of materials.

* Provide authentic experiences that enhance children's love of learning.

* Child-inspired & teacher-guided activities abound in classrooms.

Our Family Involvement:

* Foster authentic relationships with both children & their families.

* Encourage family participation in events.

* Provide parent support, training & educational workshops.

* Offer tax credit plans for students in Elementary grades.


"The teachers and staff are absolutely wonderful! My daughter has learned so much and most importantly has a great time every day at Creation. The school focuses on hands on learning and exploration, encouraging critical thinking to solve problems. The students also spend a lot of time outside which is fantastic!"

                            - M.L., Creation Parent

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